O0080 - Air disasters - accident or explosion on board - an international involvement

PS08 - Crime Scene Investigation and Coordination

Date :
Thursday 30th August          


Schedule :
17h30 - 17h50

Job title of the first author :

Forensic expert - Forensic Department "Environment-Fire-Explosives", IRCGN

Introduction :

Whether it is to participate in the raising and identification of victims and/or to answer questions from judges, plane crashes always involve international collaboration because of the rules issued by the International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO).

Aims :

This presentation traces the various experiences acquired since 2000 and the accident of Air France Concorde Flight 4590 near Paris until the forensic examination carried out during the wreckage surface layout in 2016 at Cairo Airport of the Metrojet Airbus Flight 9268 after its crash in the Sinai desert in 2015.

Conclusion :

Repatriating victims to their families and answering questions about the origin of the disaster is sometimes a very long work due to the location of the crash:
- The raising of victims is a mission that obviously depends on where we are (flat ground - mountain - in the sea - in the desert).
Sometimes additional resources are needed to accomplish the mission but lead to longer delays.
- The forensic examination is also a challenge that depends in particular on the items collected and their traceability.

Keywords :

Forensic Examination, International Cooperation, Plane Crashes



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