O0079 - Geographic Information System and Forensic

PS08 - Crime Scene Investigation and Coordination

Date :
Thursday 30th August          


Schedule :
17h10 - 17h30

Job title of the first author :

Deparment/unity chief - Forensic Department "Signal-Image-Speech", IRCGN

Introduction :

The National forensic institute of the french gendarmerie (IRCGN) has within its staff a group specialized in the freezing of a scene, whether it's a criminal or an accident one.

One mean of this group is to create a specific “Geographic Information System (GIS)” for each scene. This solution help the IRCGN experts to have a best understanding of the scene and have the capability to analyse in the same system all of the data.

Aims :

Indeed, a GIS tool represents a precious help in forensic and more specifically in the management of a crime or accident scene, even complex.

The goal is to provide a low cost solution which centralize the data collection from a scene, and visualize this scene and all its evidences without a specific tool. With all these elements, the GIS can improve the analysis of all the evidences between them, their links and with the environment.

Material & methods :

The heart of this tool is a free GIS software (QGIS), allowing to organize all the acquired data, in a database. These data, which concern the scene configuration and all its evidence, can be of two kinds : geographical (position of the evidences) and/or attribute (nature of evidences, analyzed/not analyzed, etc...). This database can be updated, regarding the expertises analysis results, but also requested to help investigators or the forensic coordinator in their judicial investigations.

Results :

The forensic experts and forensic coordinator have a tool, centered on a GIS solution, which help them to collect, centralize, organize and analyze many kind of informations about evidences from a crime or accident scene. This tool can help investigators to take into account a very complex scene, with a large numbers of evidences and analysis, and thus contribute to the truth manifestation.

Keywords :

Crime scene analysis, Crime scene investigation, Geographic Information System


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