O0050 - The EUropean Collection Automotive Paint (EUCAP) validation process

PS05 - Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and Road Safety

Date :
Wednesday 29th August          


Schedule :
17h30 - 17h50

Job title of the first author:

Department/unity chief - Forensic Department "Vehicles", IRCGN

Abstract :

Thanks to a productive collaboration between the European laboratories of Forensic Sciences and car manufacturers, a huge collection of automotive paint called EUropen Collection of Automotive Paints (EUCAP) has been built since 1997. This database is made of real paint samples but also of their infrared spectra and allows the research of vehicle involved in hit-and-run car accidents. Each participant of this project is supposed to collect samples in car manufacturers’ production plants. The Infrared measurement is also made by european labs and managed by the BKA and the IRCGN.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the performance of this database thanks to a software new property and to improve the quality of the spectra contained in EUCAP. A blind test has been lead by several laboratories on sample set representing the automotive market in Europe.
For the validation the spectra of a statistically relevant selection of 126 street samples (relevant by car make and year of production) have been distributed in 2016 in an anonymous form to the participants. The results obtained by the 6 participants will be presented and a recommendation for an appropriate search method will be discussed.

Keywords :

Automotive Paint, Car Identification, Hit-and-Run



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