P0036 - The CBRN Forensic Response team of the French National Gendarmerie: the GRID

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Wednesday 29th August     


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DVI Coordinator, IRCGN


In case of a complicated crime scene in CBRN environment, highly skilled forensic experts available 24/7 can be deployed on the field equipped with any necessary materials. The Forensic Science Institute (IRCGN, French National Gendarmerie) formed a response team able to perform crime scene investigations and analyses in CBRN environment: the GRID (GRoupe Investigation en milieu Dégradé).
The duty of the GRID is to proceed to the crime scene recovery, take samples and exploit them while being protected from CBRN risk. It also includes Disaster Victim identification (body examinations and autopsy).
When evidences of forensic interest can’t be decontaminated and shipped back to the laboratory, analysis may need to be accomplished on the spot (handwriting, fingerprints, documents, Firearms, digital forensics…). Results are transferred from the contaminated area to the investigators in real time. Therefore, those forensic experts, forensic pathologists, odontologists attend to specific trainings (real contamination) along the year in close cooperation with the CBRN response team of the gendarmerie (CNNRBC).
The GRID is composed of 40 experts belonging to the three main forensic branches of the laboratory deployable on the field: Physics-Chemistry, Digital engineering, and Identification. Since its creation the GRID has accomplished many missions in CBRN environment (case of burial of chemicals, nuclear plant, body exams ...). GRID aims now to develop cooperation with other agencies.

CBRN-E, crime scene investigations, disaster victim identification, GRID


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