P0051 - The virtual tour of a crime scene

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Thursday 30th August     


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Department/unity chief - Forensic Department "Anthropology and Hemato morphology", IRCGN



The virtual tour is a single multidisciplinary support to present a complex crime scene and all the elements of interest related to it : collection of clues - results of analysis and expertise - ...

This tool is a link to varied content as copies of technical or scientific reports, photos and videos, animations, 3D modeling (webshare), web pages ...

Thanks to it, the user can move in the crime scene. He can visualize the items of interest to him thanks to customizable filters. The virtual tour is updated throughout the criminal investigation. During the trial, the virtual tour can be an aid to the deposition.

The are several aims regarding the virtual tour :

  • Aims for monitoring purposes
  • Aims for synthesis purposes
  • Aims for presentation purposes


The result is an interactive 360-degree virtual tour which includes : 360° views, menu of the panoramas with thumbnails, textual information, Bing map, images gallery...

The virtual tour is an aid :

  • to the understanding of a crime scene
  • to studying the links between evidence

Virtual Tour, Crime Scene


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