P0056 - Hight Throughput DNA Fast Analysis Mobile Lab – A New Tool for Field Applications Multipurpose Mobile Lab

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Thursday 30th August     


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Forensic expert - Forensic Department "Biology and Genetic", IRCGN

Introduction :

An innovation from the Forensic Sciences Institute of the French Gendarmerie IRCGN™.

Aims :

The DNA mobile Lab is an operational easy-to-use system, which enables high throughput and fast analysis of a large quantity of DNA samples by analyzing simultaneously 24 DNA markers.

Material & methods :

The DNA mobile Lab is based on GendSAG, a patented DNA collection tool, “Sample And Go” fast analysis concept. GendSAG enables to go directly to the DNA analysis step just after having sampled the evidence. Due to its micro-surface of fibers, it enables to collect with high precision microbiological stains and to minimize its alteration. Since there are no intermediate handling and analysis steps between sampling and DNA amplification by PCR, all of the collected DNA is analyzed.
The DNA mobile Lab is specifically intended to deal with on-the-scene identification process of mass disaster victims. The DNA mobile Lab requires only 2 hours to issue DNA profiles out of 21 samples. This includes checking and calibrating the equipments.
Every 30 minutes, 21 new profiles are issued.
The DNA analysis worflow is done according to ISO 17025 requirements.

Results :

This technology has been used with success in 2015, 2016 and 2018 to deal with the identification of the victims of major aircraft crashes and of terrorist attack in France in 2016.

Conclusion :

The DNA mobile LAb of he Forensic Sciences Institute of the French Gendarmerie IRCGNTM is the unique mobile DNA concept for forensic investigations particularly effective for sensitives and specific cases where time is a crucial parameter for judicial authority to obtain DNA profiles.

Keywords :

Fast Analysis , Hight Throughput , Mobile Lab

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